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A Gaming Platform with support for Non-Fungible Token and Game Finance

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What is Citizen Finance?

Right to property is often classified as human right which gives every citizen the right to own property purchased using their own fund. Property can include real estate, autos and in our case virtual properties like in-game assets. The main property rights are;

  • Right of Control
  • Right of Possession
  • Right of Exclusion
  • Right to Derived Income
  • Right of Disposition

Till date, one of the most prominent problem in the traditional video gaming industry is denial of property right when it comes to in-game assets. Players are not the true owners of their in-game assets even if they had purchased it with in-game currency which in turn was purchased with fiat currency. What they can do with the asset is limited to the utilities of the game. The player lacks true control of their assets, can not derived income from it and also can not dispose it.

Blockchain technology has enabled some games introduced true ownership of in-game assets but the utilities for this new concept is still small and has no real impact in the industry. Citizen Finance will be introducing new concepts and utilities for in-game assets using blockchain technology

Citizen Finance offers multiple use case of in-game assets

Use in-game assets to play Meta City FPS game


Exchange your in-game asset to other cryptocurrency on secondary marketplace


Stake your unused in-game assets on decentralized pools to earn CIPHI


Use your in-game assets as collateral to borrow funds from lending protocols


Citizen Meta City

A blockchain based First Person Shooter running on Binance smart chain. Experience an action-packed adventure as you journey through conquered territories of Meta City, building up your own bunker and defeating the aliens.

Citizen Santa fe

Santa Fe is a decentralized staking and lending protocol with in-game asset at the core. Santa Fe runs on the Binance smart chain which guarantees low cost gas fee and fast transactions.

Citizen CifiPowa

An introduction to Skin as a Virtual Commodity (SaaVC). CifiPowa is a web tool that enables users converts images and professional designs to nft-based digital art on the Binance smart chain.

Citizen CifiPowa X

CifiPowa X is an extended reality based application that enables immersive experience on nft-based artwork

Non-Fungible Token

NFTs are not a new concept and the first NFT-like token was the introduction of Bitcoin 2.x (aka colored coins) in 2012. While not being a new concept, the launch of Cryptokitties — a blockchain-driven platform where players have the chance to collect and breed digital cats, brought the attention of the world to this unique technology and thus began the NFT race. Cryptopunk was launched in 2017, the first project that aim to tokenize artwork using NFTs.

Why are NFTs Special?

Unique: One major feature that makes NFTs special is the fact of it being unique. Unlike fungible token, each nft has its own unique properties (metadata) that are peculiar to one token. It’s impossible for 2 NFTs in same platform to have same properties.

Rarity: NFTs are rare collectibles with limited supply. The scarcity mechanism is one thing that makes owning a non-fungible token special.

Indivisibility: Unlike fungible token, a non-fungible token can not be divided into smaller units. Bitcoin and other fungible assets can be split into smaller unit but non-fungible token needs to be bought, sold and held as a single unit.

The use case of NFTs varies depending on the business model of the platform. While for the most part, it has been used to represent arts and in-game assets but its use case are not limited to arts and gaming alone. NFTs can be used to represent company shares, bonds, real estates, membership and many others. Terra Virtua has been able to successfully implement NFTs on arts, Cryptokitties and GodsUnchained brought NFTs to in-game assets while Decentraland, The Sandbox and Spheroid Universe are giving NFTs a unique use case in the digital real estate industry.

Citizen Finance introduction of NFTs for in-game assets is mainly to promote true ownership of in-game assets and enable players to legally exchange assets between one and anothers.

Token Ciphi



  • Symbol: CIFI
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Decimal: 18
  • Type: Utility and Governance
  • Supply: 500,000


  • Presale (10): 50,000
  • Liquidity(1%): 25,000
  • Team (10%): 50,000
  • Airdrop & Bounty (1%): 5000

Liquidity will be locked for 6 months

Team token will be distributed in stages. 10% will be distributed in the beginning while 90% will be locked for 12 months. After lockup period, 5% of Team token will be released monthly.


Launch of website v1

CifiPowa beta release

Airdrop & Bounty

Release of Meta City Pre-Alpha (PC)

Q2 2021



Early Asset Offering (Kickstarter)

NFT distribution


Santa Fe



Citizen Pool


Launch of Registry


More development to editor

Meta City

Internal Release of Blockdown District (alpha)

Internal Release of Merchant District (alpha)

Internal Release of Norse District (alpha)

Internal Release of Port District (alpha)

Internal Release of Battlefield (Multiplayer)

Support for NFT as in-game Asset

CifiPowa X

Development of beta version

Internal Test

Public Release

Q3 2021


Support Auction-style

Multiple Minting (ERC1155)

More development to CifiPowa

Meta City

Public Release of Blockdown District (alpha)

Public Release of Merchant District (alpha)

Public Release of Norse District (alpha)

Public Release of Battlefield

Reward Pool

Internal Test of SaaVC

CifiPowa X

Support NFT (CifiPowa)

Art Exhibition

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